Multi-Purpose Kitchen Blends Tradition, Function

Multi-Purpose Kitchen Blends Tradition, Function

By John Filippelli

Specifically, the homeowners wanted a stylish kitchen that would feature the very latest appliances yet they also wanted a layout that would accommodate both family meals and larger gatherings within the space.

Additionally, they wanted a flexible kitchen that would be well suited to both children and grown ups, with facilities for everything from cooking to snacking to homework to organizational duties in short, a kitchen that would be suitable to all family members and their various needs. 

The clients also requested that a small desk be installed close to the kitchen which would allow them to prepare shopping lists or allow their children to do homework in plain sight yet without getting in the way of food preparation.

Stackman notes, "This kitchen was designed with entertainment in mind, since the majority of entertainment always happens in the kitchen."

Taking into account the requests of the clients, as well as the area in which the home was built, and working with the architect and builder on site and in the design process, Stackman was able to meet the needs of the family and bring their dream kitchen to life.

A sense of tradition
To effectively design a stylish space which would blend comfortably with the rest of the 4,300 sq.-ft. home, Stackman selected a traditional design theme. Rich, warm wood and natural hues give the kitchen a sense of tradition, and create a feeling of warmth in the 20'x22' room, Stackman notes.

To create a homey atmosphere, Stackman selected American Cherry cabinetry from Baywood Cabinets, with elegant cherry crown mouldings and hand-carved corbels and appliques to provide visual detail. Since storage was a concern, Stackman used "all of the empty space possible that was left over" in the cabinet design to meet storage demands. As Stackman notes, "It's accessible from the ends of the kitchen island and any inside corners, where two walls would meet."
American Cherry flooring from Midlakes Interiors adds to the sense of warmth, as do the Verde Aquamarine slab granite countertops from Cacallori Marble Co. According to Stackman, the color of the countertops was chosen specifically to bring out the richness of the cherry cabinets.

While he kept the design theme simple, Stackman notes that he did add Deco tiles to certain areas of the kitchen in order to reflect the "fall in the Northwest" theme, with the goal of blending both the interior style and a touch of the outdoors. This was particularly important since the home's exterior is rather spectacular, with its outdoor pavilion that is covered from the top and open on the sides, and with the sides opening to a tennis court and a stunning outdoor waterfall.

Style and function
For the clients, having all of the latest time-saving appliances was a key component to building their dream kitchen. Stackman notes that all appliances were supplied by Crossroads Appliance, and include a Sub-Zero refrigerator, 
a Thermador range hood, a Bosch Dishwasher and a Sharp microwave.

Additionally, a DACOR warming drawer and extra sink are housed in the kitchen island for added convenience in entertaining.

The island itself is custom-made, with a 42" raised snack bar counter ideal for the children to use for after school snacks.

The island's position and function enable the cook to remain involved with guests while he or she prepares food, Stackman notes ideal for someone who likes to entertain informally while cooking.

The island is located within the work triangle of the kitchen, making it a key element to the functioning of the space, according to Stackman. 

The clients also wanted the kitchen to reflect something of their own personalities. To that end, the backsplash behind the range features hand-made tiles, made by the homeowner, which truly "personalize" the kitchen.

The 48" custom made range hood, which was placed across from the island, is situated adjacent to both the Kohler sink and the pantry. Intricately crafted wood columns guard the hood, and provide a strong presence in the kitchen, Stackman notes.

The desk was placed out of the traffic flow and close to the back stairway which leads up to the children's bedroom. This provides a handy nook for organizing household duties, out of the way of the work triangle, and doubles as a place for children to do homework under the watchful eye of the person cooking.

The custom 12-tray ceiling, a highlight of the design, was built by Handcraft finish carpenters, and draws the eye upward, providing a unique visual focal point.

The use of lighting was substantial within this kitchen, according to Stackman. Sixteen cans were used in the ceiling, put on dimmers and separate switches to provide lighting flexibility. Lighting was also placed inside the cabinets in order to highlight the client's china collection.

Additionally, undercounter lighting was installed to accentuate the space and create a soft touch at night.

project highlights

  • This traditional kitchen is perfect for entertaining guests, yet functions equally well for cooking small family meals.
  • The ornate American Cherry cabinetry features intricate cherry crown mouldings and hand-carved corbels and appliques to provide visual interest. Rich wood detailing on the columns and hardwood flooring add to the sense of warmth.
  • The custom-made island features a Thermador Range and Dacor Warming Drawer. To create a truly "personalized" look, hand-made tiles made by the client are used for a backsplash behind the range.
  • State-of-the-art appliances fulfill the clients' desire for a kitchen with all the latest amenities, making it ideal for entertaining.
  • The custom 12-tray ceiling draws the eye upward, providing another unique visual focal point.
  • Lighting was placed inside the kitchen cabinets to highlight the clients' china collection, while under-counter lighting provides a soft touch at night.
  • Products include: American Cherry cabinetry from Baywood Cabinets; Sub-Zero Refrigerator; Bosch Dishwasher; Sharp Microwave; Thermador Hood; Dacor Warming Drawers; Kohler Kitchen Sink with Grohe Faucet; a custom 12-tray ceiling by Handcraft Finish,; American Cherry Hardwood Flooring by Midlakes interiors and Verde Aquamarine from Cacallori Marble Co.