Woodworking Online Trading Hub Launched

Atlanta Signaling "the next phase of expansive growth and development in the global woodworking machinery and cutting tool sector," participants have announced the launch of "the first and only online business community developed for buyers, suppliers and manufacturers in the industry."

The new online trading hub WoodMachineryCommerce.com made its debut at the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) 2000 here in late August. The enterprise is co-sponsored and was developed by the Philadelphia, PA-based Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America and Unibex, a provider of electronic marketplace infrastructure for business communities.

Unibex has launched similar e-commerce communities in partnerships with companies and trade associations in the automotive and other industries. Its online platform provides companies with an avenue to create an online presence; exchange products and information; buy, sell and ship goods; manage delivery, and track orders, according to the company.

WoodMachineryCommerce.com will provide participating companies with "the simplest, most complete out-of-the-box suite of e-commerce business offerings, including trade booths, catalogs, auctions and interactive classifieds, officials connected with the new venture said.

WMMA executive v.p. Ken Hutton commented, "We view WoodMachineryCommerce.com as the online source that will finally bring together one of the most diverse, ever-expanding industries in the world."

Hutton noted that the global woodworking machinery and cutting tool industry encompasses woodworking, cabinet and furniture manufacturers, cabinet shops, fabricators, architectural woodwork suppliers and related industry professionals many of whom are actively doing business as part of the kitchen and bath industry.