In A Whole New Light

In A Whole New Light

A growing interest in contemporary lighting has brought new designs into the fold that combine both functionality and style, showing off the kitchen and bath in a whole new light. Exciting new options allow for flexible, user-friendly general, task and specialty lighting that can be personalized for the specific needs of the homeowner.

In fact, some of today's lighting is so user-friendly, it can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor use.

While contemporary designs are hot, many manufacturers are also introducing lines that rely on a classic look, reminiscent of times past, to add a warm, nostalgic feel to today's kitchens and baths.

In the contemporary arena, sleek designs in recessed lighting offer a glimpse to more modern approaches, without drawing attention to the lighting itself. Additionally, some designers are opting to "mix and match" with their lighting selections, using various sizes, shapes and hues, subtly blending light with the textures and characteristics of the room being illuminated.

On the other end of the spectrum, more dramatic lighting fixtures feature various styles of eye-catching colored glass, creating a unique and elegant accent note for the kitchen or bath.

On this and the following page, Kitchen & Bath Design News looks at just a small sampling of some of the most exciting kitchen and bath lighting options on the market today.