New Web Site Aimed at Repair of Appliances

New Web Site Aimed at Repair of Appliances

Canton, MI, an online source that offers consumers a wide selection of appliance parts and advice on repairing appliances, has been launched from a location here, the Web site's founders announced., officially launched several months ago, offers consumers an array of parts for all major home appliances, including cooking units, refrigerators, dishwashers, garbage disposals, trash compactors, vent hoods, laundry equipment, and more, according to the company.

Also available on the site are troubleshooting tips and maintenance advice, the company said.

" provides the most convenient and cost-effective way for do-it-yourself consumers to get the parts and advice they need to fix their own appliances," said president Chris Hall.

" puts the control in the customers' hands and helps them fix their own appliances," said Hall, adding that estimates that consumers will save an average of 75% of an appliance repair cost by doing it themselves.

Hall, a former appliance repair business owner who developed the creative ideas behind, co-founded the company with Larry Beach, CEO of the venture, which is aimed at capitalizing on the $400-million appliance parts industry.

"By offering home appliance parts over the Internet, is responding squarely to the demand from do-it-yourself consumers who want to save time and money by repairing their own appliances," said Jim Sexton, national parts marketing