Stressing 'Busy' Clients in Advertising May Deliver Wrong Message

Stressing 'Busy' Clients in Advertising May Deliver Wrong Message

Does the consumer advertising conducted by your company or your supplier stress the "busy" nature of modern life, while featuring depictions of harried housewives or bustling two-career families, swamped in work and life responsibilities that need "simplifying?"
If it does, it may be inadvertently delivering the wrong message to potential clients showing consumers precisely what they want to escape.

So says a growing number of advertising specialists who suggest that, these days, homeowners want to think of their homes as places to escape from the noise and confusion they experience in their workplaces and through constant exposure to the media.

Stated another way, today's homeowners seek serenity and a peaceful haven and the more your advertising message reinforces that idea, the more effective it will be.

One harbinger of this advertising trend has been the increased appearance of such peaceful, sanctuary-type areas as sun porches, garden rooms, breezeways and conservatories in the major consumer shelter magazines, ad specialists suggest. 

These are not just spaces in which cocooning homeowners can hunker down and hide, but spaces that uplift places that offer natural light and air, and have a timeless natural quality.

Echoing this idea is a list of "ins" and "outs" developed recently by the Reidel Marketing Group for American Demographics magazine. Among the trends Reidel sees as being "in" are great rooms, deep fryers, slow cookers, calming pools, indoor fountains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and consumers simplifying life and seeking serenity.

Among the things that Reidel sees as being "out" are multitasking, cooking from scratch, low-fat foods and microwave ovens.

This means that appliance advertisers may want to soft-pedal hard technology for softer benefits and results in their ad message. 

Similarly, cabinet and countertop suppliers may also wish to stress the natural quality and beauty of their materials, while plumbing suppliers should take advantage of gently flowing water images, which carries with them the connotations of peace and harmony that today's consumers are seeking.