NKBA Strategic Plan Stresses Five Distinct Goals

NKBA Strategic Plan Stresses Five Distinct Goals

Hackettstown, NJ A new strategic mission statement defining five distinct goals over the next five years has been adopted by the National Kitchen & Bath Association's board of directors, NKBA officials announced.

The NKBA, based here, said its new strategic mission statement will place the association's primary planning emphasis on having the NKBA "become the leading information resource for developing and maintaining an educated work force, resulting in a higher level of professionalism."

Other top association goals include identifying, evaluating and promoting emerging technologies for the benefit of members; developing and implementing consumer awareness and brand identification programs; promoting membership growth and retention; and monitoring and influencing the development of public policy and legislation of benefit to the kitchen and bath industry.

The association also said it would develop a strategic plan for the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show (K/BIS) by the end of this year. Miller-Freeman, the exhibition sales and management agent for the show, has announced that it is in the process of selling many of its properties, including KBB magazine, the show's co-sponsor.

Among the highlights of the NKBA's new mission statement are the following:

In Education:

  • To increase enrollment in entry-level educational programs to 12,000 participants by 2005.
  • To increase the number of endorsed colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada to one per state or province by 2005.
  • To increase enrollment in management
    training programs by 100 participants annually through current and new programming.
  • To train and test a minimum of 500 new applicants for certification per year.
    In Technology:
  • To bring 75% of members on line by the end of 2002, so that NKBA goods, services and information can be accessed via the Internet.
    In Consumer Brand Awareness:
  • To develop a five-year plan to increase consumer awareness and brand preference for NKBA members 25% by 2005.

In Membership Growth:

  • To create a regional network for the development of chapter growth by 2003, and to increase the number of chapters to 75 by 2005.
  • To increase membership participation to 75% at the chapter level by 2005.
  • To increase new memberships by 10% annually through 2005.
  • To raise membership retention rates to 95% annually through 2005.