Mansfield Gives Donations to Habitat Projects

Mansfield Gives Donations to Habitat Projects

Columbus, OH The Greater Columbus Habitat for Humanity organization recently received a large donation of plumbing items from Mansfield Plumbing Products, headquartered here, or two major programs, the company announced. 

The first program was for Habitat's 100th home built in central Ohio, where Mansfield donated two model 137-160 elevated-height toilets and two model 267 drop-in china lavatories. 

The second program involved the donation of 44 Alto round-bowl toilets, 22 double-bowl sinks and 44 self-rimming lavatories to Habitat's building center a warehouse operation that inventories building products until they are needed for the ongoing home construction projects in the Columbus area, according to the company.

"We were more than happy to partner with Habitat for Humanity on these two major programs," said Mark Riggs, manager of marketing communications for Mansfield Plumbing. Riggs added that, "We strongly support the organization's unique efforts to provide affordable housing for people in need."