New Survey Pinpoints Dishwasher Usage Trends

New Survey Pinpoints Dishwasher Usage Trends

Dishwashers are playing a growing role in today's kitchens, being used an average of 4.5 times a week and being viewed as either "important" or a "can't be done without" appliance by some 87% of consumers, according to a recent Jenn-Air "Come Clean" survey. 

More than a thousand consumers nationwide participated in the survey, logging their preferences in such items as most desired features in a dishwasher, frequency of use, demand for multiple dishwashers and the dishwasher's overall importance compared to other kitchen appliances, the Newton, IA-based company noted.

The vast majority of survey respondents (87%) viewed the dishwasher as "important" or something that they "can't do without," with slightly more women (89%) than men (86%) seeing the dishwasher as indispensable. When rating the importance of other kitchen appliances, 100% rated the refrigerator as important or something they can't do without, 97% rated ovens this way and 94% viewed a microwave as critical (see Graph 1).

When it comes to most desirable features, some 84% of respondents voted "ultra-quiet" as a high priority (see Graph 2). The demand for quiet dishwashers mirrors the survey's question about dishwasher pet peeves, wherein 50% of respondents identified noisy dishwashers as a problem. 

Storage ability was also seen as valuable to consumers, with 58% of respondents citing a container for small, awkward items as a desirable feature in dishwashers. 

Other important features, as cited by consumers, included an easy-to-read control panel, which garnered 55% of consumers' vote, a stainless steel interior, which was viewed as an important feature by some 40% of respondents, and a high-styled appearance, which was rated key by 35% of survey respondents.

The survey also looked at dishwasher frequency of use, with the majority of respondents (34%) noting that they use their dishwasher between three and five times a week, while another 26% use it once a day, 26% use it once or twice a week, 10% use it less than once a week, and 4% use it two or three times a day.

With the trend toward larger, multi-function kitchens that work for both multiple cooks and entertaining, increasing numbers of consumers have begun to view dual appliances as an important part of kitchen function. In fact, according to the survey, 63% of respondents said they would like to have two refrigerators, 36% cited a need for two ovens, 21% desired two microwaves and 19% expressed a desire for two dishwashers.

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