How Practice Can Make You Perfect

That takes practice.

the customer doesn't buy what you're selling!


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Tips for practicing

  • Set aside the time: Find an appropriate amount of time to develop your selling skills. If you wish to improve your golf game, you must practice. And if you're part of a church choir, you'll make time to attend choir practice. But, odds are, you probably have never set aside time to practice selling.
    So, start now, and set aside one evening each week for sales practice. It's absolutely crucial for you to set aside time to practice - and to continually improve - the way you sell. If it seems reasonable to invest two hours of choir practice each week to assure 15 minutes of music sounds good during a church service, doesn't it make sense to approach selling the same way?
    The question you should continually ask of yourself is: "Do I practice enough to ensure I'm the best kitchen and bath salesperson I can be?" If your answer is that you either don't practice at all, or don't practice enough, that must change in order to excel.
  • Practice all aspects of the sales process: Remind yourself about how the professional golfer is prepared to use every club in every conceivable way. Similarly, we must be able to use our sales skills to earn the sale with every conceivable type of customer, and under all types of circumstances.
    As a salesperson, you must be skillful in all phases of selling; if not, your efforts will result in failure. Those who experience failure often try to find blame with the customer - continually reaching for any way to lay their failures at the feet of others. Doing this may make them feel better, but they still won't get the sale, and they won't improve their selling skills.
  • Practice to create a selling "style": We're all different in the way we sell, and, with practice, we can reach our maximum selling potential using our own distinct style. I never care what a salesperson's style is, as long as it's productive and professional.
  • Practice whenever you can: Ask yourself what, where and when you should consider practicing your sales skills. You can practice anywhere, of course - in your office, your showroom, your car or your home. You can also practice anytime - on your way to and from your office, during business hours, evenings at home, and in the office before or after hours. Lastly, you can practice anything as it relates to selling: greeting clients; qualifying and establishing a budget; designing/ selling with CAD; presentations; overcoming objections; closing.

A final example

practice, practice, practice