Wolfgang Häfele, Driving Force at Häfele, Dies at 59

Wolfgang Häfele, Driving Force at Häfele, Dies at 59

Archdale, NC - Wolfgang Häfele, president of Häfele America, the largest foreign subsidiary operated by the internationally active cabinet hardware manufacturer Häfele - and a driving force behind the company's substantial U.S. presence - has died here at the age of 59.

Widely known in both the U.S. and Europe as an entrepreneur and innovator, Wolfgang Häfele "lost a short but courageously fought battle" against an undisclosed illness, said a spokesman for Häfele America.

As managing director of Häfele Holding GmbH, which holds and coordinates the interests of the foreign subsidiaries, and as a group shareholder, Wolfgang Hafele "played an instrumental role in the global development of the Häfele Group of Companies," the company said. "With his death, the company loses one of the second Häfele generation's most outstanding personalities. All through the company's rapid expansion over the past years, Wolfgang Häfele retained the respect and admiration of his staff, to whom he was both an example and motivating force."

Wolfgang Häfele, the youngest son of company founder Adolf Häfele, was born and raised in Nagold, Germany, where the company that bears his name is headquartered. Taking his family to the U.S. in 1975, during the initial stages of the company's rapid globalization, he took over management of the newly establish Häfele America Co., which he succeeded in developing over the years to become the largest foreign subsidiary of the entire Häfele Group.

Apart from its headquarters in Archdale, NC, Häfele America currently operates four affiliated sale offices in the U.S., as well as sales companies in Mexico and Canada.