Looking for NARI recertification credits?


NARI and Qualified Remodeler have teamed up to offer online NARI recertification credits. Educational articles are published in each issue of Qualified Remodeler, and readers are instructed to an online quiz based on the article. Here, everything is in one place, so you can read each article and take each quiz. Enjoy, and good luck.



To earn credits, please follow these steps:

1) Choose your topic from the list below.

2) Read the article relating to the topic.

3) Take the quiz.

Scoring is instant upon completion. Scores will be sent to NARI which will apply your credit(s).




Online reputation management
Read the article (lesson 1504)
Take the Reputation Management quiz?


Maximize affiliations, designations in marketing materials
Read the article (lesson 1503)
Take the Using affiliations & designations for marketing quiz

Sustainable Growth

Read the article (lesson 1502)
Take the Sustainable Growth quiz

Employee reviews track goals in addition to performance

Read the article (lesson 1501)
Take the Employee Peformance quiz



Gray area - Classifying sub-contractors versus employees 
Read the article (lesson 1412)
Take the Gray Area quiz

Don't be blindsided by OSHA's proposed crystalline silica rule 
Read the article (lesson 1411)
Take the OSHA's proposed crystalline silica regulation quiz

Expanding marketing's definition
Read the article (lesson 1410)
Take the Marketing quiz

Customer-oriented communication
Read the article (lesson 1409)
Take the Customer-oriented communication quiz

Technology and your business
Read the article (lesson 1408)
Take the Technology and your business quiz


Business insurance
Read the article (lesson 1407)
Take the business insurance quiz


Integrating Universal Design into Company Culture
Read the article (lesson 1406)
Take the Integrating Universal Design into Company Culture quiz


Be heard - Government Advocacy
Read the article (lesson 1405)
Take the Government Advocacy quiz


Practical, profitable home technology
Read the article (lesson 1404)
Take the Home Technology quiz


OSHA Revised Hazard Communication Standards
Read the article (lesson 1403)
Take the OSHA HazCom quiz


Intelligent design
Read the article (lesson 1402)
Take the Intelligent Design quiz


Getting the Job Done
Read the article (lesson 1401)
Take the Getting the Job Done quiz


Future of Green Remodeling
Read the article (lesson 1312)
Take the Green Remodeling quiz


Value of Craft
Read the article (Lesson 1311)
Take the Value of Craft quiz


Business Survival: When Nature Strikes
Read the article (Lesson 1309)
Take the Business Survival: When Nature Strikes quiz


Business Survival: Working on the Cloud
Read the article (Lesson 1308)
Take the Business Survival: Working on the Cloud quiz


Business Survival: When Employees Leave
Read the article (Lesson 1307)
Take the Business Survival: When Employees Leave quiz


Business Survival: In Case of Death
Read the article (Lesson 1306)
Take the Business Survival: In Case of Death quiz


Make Lighting a Priority:
Read the article (Lesson 1305)
Take the Make Lighting a Priority Quiz


Selling in the New Normal
Read the article: (Lesson 2013-04)
Take the Selling in the New Normal quiz


Partnering with Showrooms
Read the article: (Lesson 2013-03)
Take the Partnering with Showrooms quiz


Operating Procedures:
Read the article: (Lesson 2013-02)
Take the Operating Procedures quiz


Read the article (Lesson 2013-01)
Take the Certifications quiz


Water Conservation:
Read the article (Lesson 2012-11)
Take the Water Conservation quiz


Read the article (Lesson 2012-10)
Take the Contracts quiz


Universal Design:
Read the article (Lesson 2012-09)
Take the Universal Design quiz


Preconstruction Checklists:
Read the article (Lesson 2012-08)
Take the Preconstruction Checklists quiz


Read the article (Lesson 2012-07)
Take the Deconstruction quiz


Indoor Air Quality:
Read the article (Lesson 0612)
Take the Indoor Air Quality quiz


Building Science:
Read the article (Lesson 0810 (26))
Take the Building Science quiz


Marketing Universal Design:
Read the article (Lesson 1205)
Take the Marketing Universal Design quiz


Working with Inspectors:
Read the article (Lesson 1204)
Take the Working with Inspectors quiz


Remodeling with Universal Design:
Read the article (Lesson 1010)
Take the Remodeling with Universal Design quiz


Green Remodeling Part 3:
Read the article (Lesson 0911 (30))
Take the Green Remodeling Part 3 quiz


Green Remodeling Part 2:
Read the article (Lesson 0910 (29))
Take the Green Remodeling Part 2 quiz


Green Remodeling Part 1:
Read the article (Lesson 0909 (28))
Take the Green Remodeling Part 1 quiz


Quality Assurance:
Read the article (Lesson 0901 (27))
Take the Quality Assurance quiz