Dishwasher earns designer raves

Every Wednesday at 1 p.m. CST, a Twitter chat is held for the kitchen and bath community called KBTribeChat. Today's topic was water with guest Brandon Smith, LEED AP, principal of, San Diego. The conversation ranged from dual-flush toilets to efficient faucets and appliances. Miele USA was a big topic of discussion during the focus on appliances - mainly its Futura dishwasher series which was launched this past summer.

According to Miele USA, the dishwasher series features a 3-D Cutlery Tray that allows large pieces to fit better and a FlexiCare basket system that helps adapt to cups, glasses and bottles. In addition, it includes the AutoOpen feature that "activates during the drying process by automatically opening the dishwasher door just slightly in order to allow the hot and humid internal air to escape and mix ambient room temperature air to penetrate and circulate within the cavity," according to the company.

Smith shared with why he likes this dishwasher: "Within the Future dishwasher, the engineers have a series of moving parts that slide, twist, lift, and move to ensure the most number of loaded configurations. Parts like the drop down center in their 3-D Cutlery Tray that allows for ladles and other top heavy utensils to sit in the minimal third shelf instead of taking valuable space in the glassware or dish ware tray, ensure that not only am I fitting the most number of pieces into the washer but also ensure that the dishwasher is fully loaded.

"As part of the whole picture, Miele has taken time to think inside of the box - maximizing space within the unit so that although you're using the same amount of water and electricity, you're doing so for a larger load and a greater number of pieces which of course, translates to fewer loads in the long haul," Smith adds. The dishwashers are Energy-Star qualified and 35 percent more efficient than previous generations.

Have you seen the Futura product in action?