Appliances Are Smarter, More Value Conscious

While simplicity may still be trending upwards in kitchen design, the hottest appliances today feature technology that is anything but simple. Indeed, today's appliances do everything from sensing when food is fully cooked to self-diagnosing with repair needs.

Yet technical innovations today aren't just about the wow factor: Instead, consumers seek out technologies that add practicality and value, whether that takes the form of quieter operation, greater food longevity or increased design flexibility and convenience.

Below are some of the hottest trends in appliances today

  • Smart technology is on the rise, with smart features more readily available at many price points. Popular high-tech features include LCD and LED displays on control panels, improved sensor technology, quieter operation and innovations that help with troubleshooting.
  • Value remains a hot buzzword, with consumers increasingly focusing on reliability and innovations that are useful, such as refrigerators that keep food fresh longer, ranges and cooktops that simplify cooking and clean up and range hoods and dishwashers that minimize noise.
  • Appliance drawers have grown in popularity, both for the design flexibility they provide and the convenience factor.
  • Style wise, the clean look of stainless steel remains popular, though integrated appliances are also a growing trend.
  • Practicality has replaced status and excess as today's "must have" feature, with consumers increasingly buying appliances to use, not just to impress their friends.
  • Tying into the practicality trend, appliances are showing up in smaller sizes which mirrors the trend toward smaller, more efficient spaces.