Steel beauty

A stainless steel backsplash is a nice way to top off a kitchen, but a customized, laser-engraved stainless steel backsplash can differentiate your client’s home from the neighbors’. Whether it’s decorated with a geometric pattern or a custom image, Lasertron Inc. in Sunrise, Fla., will make it happen.

“You can give us a photograph and we can engrave it onto the backsplash,” says Gary Geller, president. “Most people think only geometric patterns are available. Then when they find out we have other capabilities, they go back to the drawing board and want the custom patterns instead. And, we can engrave a variety of materials, too. If it’s consistent with our process, people can send us brass, aluminum or a number of other materials we can work with.”

The backsplash concept evolved from engraving cabinet doors and became available in late 2010 after a few months of working out the kinks.

“Two years ago we wanted to show a new version of our cabinet door at the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show and we went to a company that did etching. Just before the show they said they might go out of business, so we developed the process in-house. Our process is clean and sterile. It used to be done with chemicals and was a messy, dirty process. No chemicals are used now. We have a patent pending,” he says.

The unique quality of a custom backsplash adds a personal touch to any kitchen, Geller says. “It’s not like slapping paint on the wall like everyone else. It’s a piece of a client’s personality in the kitchen.”

The target market consists of kitchen renovations, or custom home projects where the client has the control over what is purchased. Builders aren’t always who approaches Lasetron, but they could be, Geller says. Architects or builders typically send their plans and receive a quote. “If it’s a remodeler they might tell us, ‘Here’s the space we have; fill in the blank.’ We have a designer on staff for assistance with selecting cabinets or images,” he adds.

Installation guidance also is available. “We can offer advice for attaching these backsplashes to any surface [a builder] is working with. Mostly the people in the trade have their own preferred way of installing it, but we’re there to help if needed,” Geller says.

For more information, visit or circle 16 on the inquiry card. – Rob Heselbarth