Online Exclusive

Remodeler Jumps into Living Social Pool

Living Social and Groupon have a reputation for offering a lot of deals for personal care. Need a massage, manicure or pedicure? Wait a day or so and a deal will most likely show up in your inbox. It seems other industries are taking notice of the Web coupon popularity - and it includes trade professionals. 

Last week's Chicago Living Social deal included a "complete bathroom demolition and remodel, including labor and materials" by Home DM Remodeling in Franklin Park, Ill. For $4,999, a homeowner could get a $10,000-worth bath remodel. According to Living Social, five people bought the deal.

After a bit more research, other Chicago trade professionals jumped into the Web coupon pool, though none have offered as extensive an offer as Home DM's.

Is this the new sales tool for trade professionals? Have you offered a Living Social or Groupon deal? Would you consider it?