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Kbtribechat Founder Shares Insight into Tweet Chats

As Twitter turned six years old last week, the social media company also reported that it ironically has 140 million active users who post 340 million tweets a day. These millions of tweeters are also driving a new trend: tweet chats. Various industries take advantage of Twitter's real-time and informational-sharing atmosphere by creating weekly discussions.

One of the more popular and fastest growing tweet chats is the kbtribechat held every Wednesday at 2 p.m. EST. During this scheduled time, kitchen and bath designers, manufacturers and publications gather to tweet at the same time discussing different topics related to the industry. ForResidentialPros sat down with kbtribechat founder, Stacy Garcia, owner of Garcia Cabinetmakers in Huntington Beach, Calif.

ForResidentialPros: When did you start kbrtribechat?
Stacy Garcia: I started the chat in April 2011.

FRP: Why did you create it?
SG: I was new on Twitter, learning the ropes and tweeting with HafeleAmerica, FormicaGroup plus quite a few other appliance brands. Rob Ainbinder, who handled the Hafele twitter account, started calling us the kbtribe. The group started doing morning "kbtribe" shout-outs. Before long Rob was saying I should start a chat. He said it should be called kbtribechat and everyone agreed.

I  tweet for my business, Garcia Cabinetmakers in Huntington Beach, Calif. (@cabinetmakers). My thinking was that my tweeting would be concentrated on Wednesdays and have more of a purpose if I did kbtribechat. I enjoy producing the chat and getting to know the hosts.

FRP: Did you create the tweet chat on your own or with help? 
SG: I started the chat on my own but with the support of the group. The format was up to me. I decided to open the Twitter account @kbtribechat instead of just showing up informally every Wednesday. I could count on the attendance of the core of our group.

FRP: How has it changed since you started it?  
SG: I hosted all the first kbtribechats. The chat started taking off when I involved our community in hosting. 

FRP: How do you pick topics and hosts? 
SG: I try to stay on top of what is going on in our industry so we can talk about it. Our hosts are from our group and the topics are in their area of expertise. I am lucky to have a diverse community of industry leaders who participate in kbtribechat.

FRP: What tips do you have for people participating in tweet chats? 
SG: Twitter chats can become overwhelming at first with so many saying things at once. Logging into is very helpful. You can see what everyone is saying plus it automatically adds the chat hashtag to your tweets. Try to relax, take in what you can and respond to what someone has said or add a new thought of your own. Before long you will be a part of the conversation.

FRP: What other tweet chats do you participate in?
SG: I don't have time to participate in other tweet chats on a regular basis. When I can, I like to participate in #DesignTV, #GetPublished, and #FNIchat (cooking related).

FRP: Anything else to add for our readers? 
SG: Kbtribechat is every Wednesday from 2 to 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Our community includes kitchen designers, architects, contractors and industry brands. We have trade discussions with different topics every week. Our conversations are always informative and fun. We invite you to join us.

Do you participate in tweet chats? Share them with our readers.