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Remodeler Spotlight: Abe Degnan

Remodeler Abe Degnan, president, Degnan Design Builders, in DeForest, Wis. shares his thoughts about remodeling and being a remodeler in honor of National Remodeling Month.

ForResidentialPros: What drives you to remain in the remodeling business?
Abe Degnan: I am motivated by how remodeling changes people's lives, and the intrinsic green stewardship of re-using existing homes. I like the opportunity to improve peoples homes, to reduce their energy use, to capture opportunities, to make the home the best it can be -- what it deserves to be. Mature neighborhoods and suburban tree-lined streets and back yards have so much to offer, if only the homes would take advantage of it.

FRP: What’s your toughest challenge and how do you overcome it?
AD: The toughest challenge is scaling back to being a very nimble company that can fulfill small jobs and even handyman type services while still being ready to produce award-winning remodelings. The scope of work is all over the board.

FRP: Why is the work that you and other remodelers do so important to the country?
AD: Everyone wants and deserves to have a comfortable home - comfort in the way it lives and feels. And built in a way that it is healthy and energy efficient. If we can remodel our existing homes to use less energy and provide these comforts, then we are improving people's lives. We are being stewards of God's resources here on earth, reducing our energy use, and helping to keep our country independent.