Kitchen Sinks & Faucets Focus on Coordination, Convenience

Coordinating finishes, clean lines and utility are the hot trends when it comes to the kitchen water station. With space at a premium, the water station has been re-engineered to be harder working and more efficient than ever – without wasting valuable counter space.

From a fashion standpoint, minimalist designs remain popular, while faucets sport higher profiles and finishes that coordinate with popular appliance finishes.

Below are some of the latest trends in kitchen sinks and faucets:


--Today’s homeowners expect the kitchen water station to be extremely hard working, with utility and functionality of utmost importance, particularly in kitchens where space is at a premium.

--Minimalist and transitional styling is hot in faucet design right now, blending with the clean lines that are trending across the board in kitchen design.

--Faucets are increasingly coordinating with appliance finishes, such as stainless steel and black, while warm bronze, satin nickel, chrome and oil-rubbed bronze also remain hot.

--Higher profile spouts are showing up in more households, while the convenience of pull-out and pull-down faucets is making this almost standard in the industry.

--Smaller sinks that require less counter space are turning up increasingly in an effort to maximize space, while ADA-compliant sinks are also on the rise.

--Consumers are becoming more aware of low-flow and WaterSense-endorsed faucets, and will choose conservation-minded products, as long as performance is not sacrificed.