Master Suite

Rentfrow Design
Fort Collins, Colo.

Project Name:
Biggs Residence
Location: Fort Collins, Colo.
Size: 6,845 sq. ft.
Cost (total): $1.2 million
Photos: Warren Diggles Photography


Designed for a young family with two kids, this home’s master suite is on the second floor and was designed as a hideaway. The goal was to create a comfortable and relaxing space, but one that is not too large. The client’s style was a thin balance of traditional and contemporary, which posed a significant challenge as to the effect it would have on the home’s front elevation. Clients initially wanted a deck off of the sitting area to capture a mountain view, but as the design developed it became obvious that the deck looked strange on the front of the house. Also, the recessed area opposite the bed was a critical element for the front elevation, so the space was made useful on the interior of the room. The sitting area’s size is perfect, and the location is adjacent to the fireplace as well as still being close enough to the sleeping area that it still feels as if it is one space.

Judges’ Comments:
“Nice use of niche areas makes both spaces very cozy.”




Roofing: Owens Corning

Engineered Woods: TrusJoist

Brick/Stone: Owens Corning

Windows: Sierra Pacific



Flooring: Pala Duro



Cabinets: JH Mortise



Cabinets: JH Mortise