Use of Technology - 1

Leff Construction Design/Build
Sebastopol , Calif.

Project Name:
Buck Residence
Location: Cazadero, Calif.
Size: 3,464 sq. ft.
Cost: $4.5 million
Photos: Treve Johnson Photography


The owner fell in love with a 775 acre hilltop site for her hunting lodge-style dream house. Views are expansive and exquisite, but the site is remote and subject to frequent storms and extended power outages. Owners wanted a big house, but also wanted to be as green and to as close to net-zero energy as possible.
The remote site is subject to frequent storms and extended power outages. This house would be the last in the area to have power restored. It’s a big house, but the owner had certain aesthetic requirements that tend to conflict with building green and sustainably. She wanted seven fireplaces, but wood burning restrictions required the use of propane to fuel several of them and made achieving net-zero energy difficult.
Combining control of the heating, cooling, lighting and power systems was highly complex and involved many subcontractors and consultants. The mechanical system, controlled by the Climate Right System, is a combined hydronic system with hot water for heating the house as well as domestic hot water. The energy source is a pellet-fired boiler assisted by solar thermal.

Judges’ Comments:
“Very nice use of building, technology for the site.”




Other:                                                  Deltanor Climate Right System  



Home control system:                   Savant 

Lighting control:                               Savant 

Structured wiring:                            Savant