Kitchens Less Than $50,000


AWD of Savannah, Savannah, Ga.

A chef and restaurant owner decided to renovate his bungalow, which had gone through several additions throughout the years creating an awkward layout and an extremely tight kitchen space. AWD of Savannah designed an architectural beam out of mahogany that accommodated the changes in ceiling height while remaining true to the craftsman style. The layout of the new kitchen was dictated by the need of a larger entertain/prep area that doubles as gathering space. The cabinets themselves are custom-made with sequenced and bookmatched figured mahogany. The drawer fronts are made from solid wood and have a horizontal grain to create visual contrast with the vertical direction of the cabinet fronts. Another custom piece was the built-in buffet and pantry. Mitering both the solid wood counter and drawer fronts created a seamless corner with no edge-thickness. The result is an open kitchen any chef would be proud to use.


Progressive Builders Northwest, Portland, Ore.

Progressive Builders Northwest was charged with updating and creating an open-floor-plan kitchen for multiple cooks that was conducive to entertaining. Removing the hard-walled bifold-door pantry and placing the bulk of the appliances out of the main view transformed the space. Now a modern, more functional kitchen, the space includes additional storage and pullout pantry drawers where the refrigerator had been located. By reconfiguring the hard pantry wall, ample storage and an efficient kitchen were created.


Custom Design and Construction, El Segundo, Calif.

This design/build project encompassed a complete kitchen and laundry room remodel. Custom Design and Construction created a better work triangle with access to the laundry room and more storage for laundry. Creating an eat-in kitchen area allowed the homeowner to have an area where she could cook and eat, as well as entertain guests.