Online Exclusive

Follow an Ongoing Whole-house Remodel

Palatine, Ill.-based MAW Chicago LLC is working with Hutter Architects Ltd., Chicago, on the whole-house remodel of a Chicago home in a historic area of the city. and Qualified Remodeler will follow the project during the next 10 months as walls are torn down, an addition is built and the home is made energy-efficient through cost-effective means.


The remodelers, who currently are in the early stages of deconstruction, have found the old-growth wood structure to be in good shape. A previous addition is being removed to make way for a new 3-story addition that will be built entirely of ICFs, or insulating concrete forms. ICFs can have an R-value approaching R-20, which—along with their fire rating—is why they were chosen for this project. During deconstruction, the crew is salvaging common brick; Chicago common brick is sought throughout the country.


In keeping with the homeowners’ desire for energy efficiency, the remodelers will be running empty conduit for solar panels to be added onto the home later. Learn more about the objectives for the home by watching an overview video and viewing a slideshow of current conditions. Then follow along as we provide regular updates about the home’s progress.