Strength and Beauty

For years, architectural moulding manufacturers have been touting the benefits of using high-density polyurethane mouldings. Bogota, N.J.-based Outwater Plastics Industries Inc.’s new line of Architectural Mouldings for Indirect Lighting is a cost-effective alternative to most polymer mouldings and wood millwork without compromising aesthetics or functionality. The mouldings are manufactured from reclaimed polystyrene resources. Unlike wood and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) mouldings, high-density polyurethane mouldings are impervious to adverse climate and weather conditions and don’t alter throughout time because of their dimensional stability, according to the manufacturer. In addition, high-density polyurethane mouldings are unaffected by moisture, insects, UV and most common solvents.

The recycled polystyrene compound from which Outwater’s Architectural Mouldings for Indirect Lighting are manufactured not only provides a hard, strong surface, but it also is lightweight, enabling the mouldings to be easily installed using the same woodworking techniques and tools employed in the installation of wood and MDF products. The mouldings can be cut, nailed, glued and painted. Outwater Plastics Industries’ polystyrene compound is an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled and is CFC-free. Additionally, the factory-applied finish for the mouldings is water-based without the use of any solvents. The polystyrene compound, in combination with the method by which the mouldings are manufactured, yields sharply defined details, dimensions and a consistent quality level, which allow for years of repeated refinishing. Because the mouldings are factory finished, they do not need to be painted, though they can be if desired.

Although several types of commercial lighting products can be used with the mouldings, Outwater recommends using its energy-efficient 24-volt LED Ribbon-Flex Lighting (also offered as RGB Ribbon-Flex Lighting) with the mouldings. With no fixture to hide, the strips can be mounted anywhere. Easy to install via peel-and-stick tape on its underside, the LED lighting is suited for cove or cornice accents or any type of installation that requires a limited profile. It is similar in illumination to a 20-watt halogen bulb, yet consumes only 4.8 watts per 22 1/2-inch field-trimmable strip with an approximate 50,000-hour bulb life. No heat emissions or generated UV radiation make Outwater’s LED lighting suitable and safe for a variety of residential and commercial applications. Comprising 22 high-powered cool white LEDs spaced 1 inch on center and affixed to an ultra-low profile 3/8-inch-wide flexible backing, the lighting strip’s diminutive physical profile enables it to practically vanish within the décor of any environment, and up to 21 feet can be connected to one power supply in either dry or damp environments via supplied solder-free, end-to-end plug-in capability for continuous lighting.