A Compact More Affordable Steam Shower

Sized to fit smaller baths and smaller budgets, the new Steam@Home from Mr. Steam is 20 percent more compact than regular Mr. Steam generators. Mr. Steam has introduced three Steam@Home models designed for 3- by 4-ft. or 3- by 5-ft. tile showers and for existing acrylic units. List prices range from $1,250 to $1,450.

“Homeowners now have the affordable luxury of enjoying a steam spa in their first home, or adding one to a guest bath,” says Martha Orellana, vice president of sales and marketing, Mr. Steam.

Steam showers are increasing in popularity for their wellness benefits, as well as the low water use and energy requirements. A 20-minute steam bath uses less than one gal. of water, compared to 75 gal. for a typical whirlpool bath and even more for a basic multiheaded shower system.

Steam@Home units feature a 20-minute timer, polished chrome in-shower control. It also comes standard with a cool-to-the-touch AromaSteam steamhead that can hold essential oils to infuse aromatherapy into the steamroom. Aromatherapy enhances the steam experience by offering wellness benefits associated with various scents. For example, eucalyptus may help open air passageways and lavender may help soothe one’s anxiety.

Steam@Home 208-volt and 240-volt single-phase generators come in three sizes: SAH3000 (3 Kw), SAH4500 (4.5 Kw) and SAH6000 (6 Kw).

Mr. Steam offers a one-year warranty on the steam generator and the control. It also provides steam showers and towel warmers for residential and commercial use, as well as accessories, including AromaSteam aromatic oils system, ChromaSteam mood lighting system, in-shower Musictherapy speakers, and in-shower seating to enhance the steam bathing experience.