Space, Organization and Accessibility Drive Kitchen Accessories and Interior Fittings Designs

In a time when fewer consumers are expanding the footprint of their original kitchens, space is at a premium, which makes abundant, well-organized and accessible storage particularly important today. As a result, designers are getting creative with custom storage solutions that enhance functionality and provide greater flexibility.

At the same time, kitchen accessories that provide convenience and/or a touch of luxury remain popular right now.

Below are some of the latest interior fittings and kitchen accessory trends:

--With studies showing that older homeowners are involved in a disproportionately large number of the kitchen remodels right now, there's a greater emphasis on accessible, well-lit storage that makes it easier to access kitchen cabinet contents, even for those with limited reach, decreased vision or trouble bending or stretching.

--As such, there's a growing interest in touch-to-open systems for drawers and lift doors that provide greater access to all the cabinet contents, along with LED lighting options that make it easier to see "what's in the box."

--Flexibility in storage is considered essential these days, as consumers seek storage solutions that will accommodate the myriad ways they use their kitchens.

--Storage accessories in cabinetry are increasingly being viewed as standard, with high-end consumers seeking interior fittings that look good, function quietly and seamlessly, and allow them to personalize their cabinet interiors.

--Popular finishes for interior fittings include chrome, champagne, matte nickel, satin nickel and oil-rubbed bronze.

--In kitchen accessories, consumers desire touches of luxury, such as floor warming systems, as well as enhanced convenience features, such as concealed power strips and relocatable power taps that can provide a charging station, and then be hidden out of view when not in use.