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Yvonne Cummins, CAPS
Morning Star Builders

Moen Shower Caddy with Grab Bar
CAPS, always on hunt for products that can be of service in that area but also don’t look like that’s what it’s made for. At IBS 2010 and saw it, when came back did Southern Living showcase, didn’t know about it cause it was so new. Functions as shampoo soap caddy, but also as grab bar. Wished I had it when I had young boys, because it was always ripped off walls. Even though gaining in place, can work for any house. Doesn’t scream I’m aging in place product. Pleased how it performs well, wished they offer that from all the suppliers. Other thing, was in SL showcase home, always interesting to see as peep came through, I’d ask them about that  bathroom, and “I didn’t see that,” and I’d say see, it’s a grab bar. That really sold us on it.


Ted Cummins
Morning Star Builders

GAF Monaco roof shingle
Saw at IBS 2012, Monaco shingle line, brand new, it’s crazy. Looks like tile roof, but flat asphalt shingle. Saw it from a distance, and they did it with shading and I’m telling you, have to touch it because brain says tile roof. My application, sometime get in house where want tile roof but can’t afford one, or, people wanted to do remodeling and that’s perdect, because they didn’t have support for the weight of a tile roof, that’s a great application for this product. Both for new con and remodeling. Has to go in right neighborhood, ton of tile in south Florida, calif, ariz mkt, but here in Texas some tile roofs but not near as those other places. Standing on ground looking up, could not tell it wasn’t tile. Had that barrel look.




Cave Johnson
Altico Construction

Weyerhaeuser Microllam LVL
Originating in the 60's, this type of engineered wood structural beam lumber has become a much used product in today's residential and light commercial construction. It has many advantages over standard lumber and even glue lamb beams. It is normally stocked in sizes from 11" deep to 24" deep, 1.75" wide and lengths up to 30'. It is a uniform product with no warping, shrinking or crowning. On the job site, the lvl does not always need lift equipment because of its weight (18"x1.75") only 9lbs./ft. It can be installed in multiple layers for additional strength. Load tables are easily accessible and very simple. NAHB Research Center approves it as an eco friendly green material because it can use more of each tree to produce. Check them out on your next load problem!




Mike Payne
VP of operations
Payne & Payne Builders
Chardon, Ohio

Certainteed Fiber Cement Siding
We have been using fiber cement siding for more than a decade and have found it to be a superior siding product. When properly installed the finish on the fiber cement lasts much longer than on actual wood siding because it is typically sealed on all 4 sides and doesn’t have the natural issues that wood has. When compared to vinyl, fiber cement also creates a better barrier against water and holds up much better to strong winds. We prefer the convenience of the prepainted options, of which there is a nice variety, especially during the winter months. However, it can be installed unfinished and painted onsite as well.

(also Mike Payne)

Delta MS Basement Drainage Barrier
In Northeast Ohio we have basements on most of our homes due to winter frost. Unfortunately, our soils are typically clay or similar poorly draining fill. As a result, managing the resulting hydrostatic pressure and keeping basements dry can be very challenging. Delta MS, installed on the exterior of the foundation waterproofing, creates a space between the foundation and fill so that subsurface moisture does not get trapped against the basement. We began using Delta MS a few years ago and have virtually eliminated moisture related call backs.



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Jay Brannen
Brannen Design and Construction
Fort Collins, Colo.

Tyvek Drain Wrap
One of favorite products right now is a twist on an older version. DuPont Tyvek has now come up with ”Drain Wrap“ . Drain Wrap is a larger and more versatile version of the well used Stucco Wrap. Drain wrap now comes in the 9” length which leads to less waste on bigger projects. It also accommodates less tape joints and in turn saves on the ever precious “tyvek tape”! Drain wrap has the patented pleated drainage plane which we find works well behind many building envelope applications especially a siding product. I also prefer this building wrap for its breathability or vapor perm rating which I believe is around 40-50. Some of the newer or cheaper building wraps have very low perm rating; to which in my humble opinion can “suffocate” the envelope. Not allowing interior wall vapor to escape. Also, with a higher perm rating or vapor permeability rating you can use two layers with confidence. We have also been inclined to combine the Drain Wrap with a higher perm building paper for use behind porous masonry products this can in our opinion create a great double building paper wrap with a built -in drainage plane which is required in many locations However, everyone must take their own climate into consideration.



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Rod and Kim Cullum
Cullum Homes
Scotsdale, Ariz.

Tyvek Stucco Wrap with Thru-Wall Flashings
We have seen so many improvements in building products and methods in the nearly 30 years we have been in business. The biggest change and impact on sustainability and long-term durability that we have experienced is the use of building wraps and window wraps. This is a critical step in the homebuilding process to assure adequate moisture control and rain plane management. More and more building professionals are recognizing this, but to my amazement I walked through a multi-million dollar home under construction in our market recently and noticed inadequate window wrap and flashing. Lack of attention to this detail carries risk of causing significant issues later on, and is the reason why we use Tyvek products on our jobsites.