2012 Exterior Top 200

Thinking outside of the box has become a cliché, but that part of the remodeling industry loosely known as exterior remodelers can’t seem to help itself; it’s just what it has always done. Exterior remodelers, as the name implies, take care of business largely outside of the house in areas mostly related to maintenance and appearance, jobs that are often necessities rather than discretionary remodeling. If your roof leaks, for example, you call a roofing specialist. If your kitchen looks a little dated but still works, maybe you wait a bit.

The Top 200 ranking is extrapolated from Qualified Remodeler’s Top 500 list (August 2012) and based on reported percentages in each of the exterior remodeling project categories.

Total revenue reported by this year’s Top 200 was $2,364,751,801. With 416,973 jobs reported, the average gross revenue per job is $5,671.

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