Builders love products. We know this because every time we conduct a reader survey, builders tell us they want more new product information. We’ve heard you, and in response we are launching Residential Building Product News to satisfy your need to stay informed about the latest and greatest products in the home building market.

So, if it’s products you want, it’s products you’ll get. This issue contains 110 new window, decking, door, software, trim, skylight and tool products, many of which weren’t available as this issue went to the printer, which means builders are getting the most recent product introductions possible. Each product includes a direct link to its dedicated page on our online buyers’ guide, where builders can request more product information directly from the manufacturer.

Of those 110 products, 17 have never been seen before, and are being introduced this month at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas. Learn more about them on page 14, including several enhancements made to the show to improve the attendee experience.

Not only can builders read about new products available and request more information, but builders have the opportunity to share their own words about their favorite products, and why they like them so much. The Builders Choice section, in this issue on page 38, will appear in each issue of RBPN. You’re invited to participate by sharing your favorite products with your peers. Send a note to me at and I’ll make sure you’re included in a future Builders’ Choice section.

RBPN’s goal is to provide home builders and housing professionals with the knowledge to recommend and install leading-edge products for single- and multifamily homes, to best meet the needs of demanding homeowners. By sharing products with builders, we strive to contribute to a home’s integrity, beauty, efficiency and profitability.

We’ll do this through cover stories and feature articles that explore not only the trends in specific product categories, but the bigger-picture issues affecting them. For example, the cover story this month on page 8 addresses the window market, and how politicians can affect sales by extending tax credits for installing efficient windows, and making the lead paint rule more builder- and homeowner-friendly.

As RBPN develops, look for exclusive market research seen nowhere else. We’ll be asking you to share with everyone your perspective on the building materials and products markets. Check your inbox for survey invitations, and enjoy the incentives we’ll offer to encourage your involvement. We’ll also be providing builders with bonus online content throughout the year, including extra products, videos, podcasts, case studies and more.

Beginning with the second issue of RBPN in the spring, we will reveal the most popular products from this issue. We’ll do this for every issue moving forward, looking back at the most popular from previous issue. And, as we reach our one-year anniversary, we’ll present the Top 100 Products, an annual ranking of the most requested products published in the previous 12 months. With nearly 100 products in each issue, it’ll be a hotly contested race to make the list, and you’re in the driver’s seat.

Check out the ads in this magazine, too. There’s more than meets the eye. Invisible watermark technology directs you to an advanced version of instant mobile information, where you’ll be invited to view product videos, request information and share favorite products via social media with just a quick scan on a mobile device.

Finally, remember to download our tablet app, which delivers a continuous stream of product information through all popular mobile devices. We’ve given you the products you’ve asked for, now it’s up to you to enjoy them.