Keeping Up With the Jones’

As a CEO in this industry, you know you are in trouble when your regional sales manager tells you that he doesn't have time to train, motivate or inspire your new sales team out on the field in front of a prospective client because, as he said, “I need to go supplement my income and sell a job on my own, for my own commission.” That sales manager is a “Mr. Me, Myself and I” -- have any of those types on your team?

I sat there stunned thinking to myself -- hey wait a second bubba, don't I pay you an override on the whole sales team? What in the world is he talking about with supplementing his income while newly hired sales reps starve for attention and a leader who cares for their income?

The very essence of his position that I created was to be in the name of support and to truly look out and help develop others because by doing so, he will be supplementing your income by helping others achieve their goals.

Hopefully, you don't have any members like that on your team, but if you do, please read on as I share what a difference I recently have experienced by seeking, finding and hiring effective leadership. As owners and CEOs, we know this is essential to our success but oftentimes we do not act quickly enough. I sincerely hope what I'm about to share with you helps you pull the trigger and helps you continue onto building your business with the right team of effective leaders.

For the sake of this article, let’s call my previous management teams the Smiths and my new impactful effective team the Jones’.

Leadership that is Selfless Versus Selfish
The Smiths used to tell me that their work day ends at 5 p.m. every day. The Jones' now tell me that their job is never done and they expect to work day and night because they see the value in helping others achieve. They realize that helping others at any time is the best, most effective way to supplement their income.

Leadership that Leads by Example Every Day
The Smiths told me that their weekends were sacred and not to be infringed upon. The Jones’ tell me that the weekends are excellent opportunities to impact the business by participating in the revenue parade.

Leadership That Makes No Excuses
The Smith's placed blame on everyone for their ineffective results. The Jones' took the job accepting the Smith's self-centric culture -- and never once have they blamed anyone or anything other than themselves for the results they produce.

Leadership That Appreciates and Defends the Company’s Investment in Leads
The Smiths swore that the leads were the problem for lack of production. The Jones' say that the same leads are the most amazing feature of our company.

Are you starting to see the pattern ? If you're dealing with the Smiths in your business, I whole-heartedly would encourage you to find leaders like the Jones.’ You will serve your clients, and treat your employees by getting the Smiths to resign or leave your organization.

Just imagine what kind of effect a change like that could have on your business. Here is what has happened to mine so far:

Since the Smiths departure and the Jones’ debut, my organization has doubled in revenue, tripled in trained sales reps and now has a written national plan that is already being launched. In fact at the completion of the very first month with the effective , impactful Jones team, we literally doubled our revenue with the exact same amount of leads -- the same leads that the Smiths said were to blame.

The culture of "me, myself and I" has now radically transformed into "What can I do to help you?"

My wish for all of you in 2013 is to find your "Jones" team and spend every day enjoying , supporting and keeping up with them!