NAHB Remodeler of the Month: John Mondloch

Q: How did you get your career started in the remodeling business?

A: I always knew I wanted a career where I could work with my hands, be active and productive. The building trades fit that need. In high school, I completed the majority of the credits required to graduate my junior year. In my senior year I was able to take carpentry classes at the St. Cloud Technical School. After graduating from Technical School, I worked for various construction companies specializing in new construction, commercial construction and remodeling. I was exposed to virtually all types of construction. The remodeling side of the business just seemed to fit. I felt I could combine my talent as a carpenter with my passion for design. Seven years ago, I started my own company, John Mondloch Remodeling Inc.

Q. As you were growing up, what did you want to be?

A. I don’t know that there was any one thing that I aspired to be. I was a very active kid, always busy. I enjoyed being outdoors and working with my hands. Fishing is probably my biggest passion, but it was never a career goal.

Q. Since you’ve been involved in the remodeling industry, how have you seen it change?

A. It’s changed substantially. The biggest change that I see is the economy. The change, however, has been good for us; we’ve grown significantly. I’ve noticed when the market took a downward turn, a lot of remodelers found it difficult to change the way they did business. For me, I just had to adapt and grow; we didn’t have a choice.

In addition, the codes and regulations are constantly changing. Every time OSHA or EPA comes up with something new, it can be challenging to incorporate it into our business. But it is what it is, and is often the right thing to do.

Q. What have you done to grow your business in this economy?

A. We participate in home shows, and a local tour of homes each year, which is definitely a way to showcase our work. We also use the Internet, but I don’t spend a lot of money on advertising. We work smarter, harder and more efficiently. It is easier to go the extra mile for our customers to make sure they are satisfied because happy customers are our best promoters.

Q. What motivates you on a daily basis?

A. I enjoy what we do; it’s fun. I never come to work saying, “Gosh, I don’t want to go to work today.” I love free enterprise. I am constantly brainstorming on how to make my company better.

Q. What does being part of NAHB mean?

A. Everything. NAHB and the Central Minnesota Builders Association Remodelers Council are great learning resources. I frequently attend the continuing education classes and conferences and then implement what I learned into our business. I would say education is the most important thing NAHB has done for me.

Industry Involvement

Mondloch served through the positions on the CMBA Remodelers Council Board of Directors, 2007-2010, including a term as chairman. He helped to establish the council’s Remodelers Tour of Homes and currently serves on the Tour of Homes and Home Show Committees.

Community involvement

Mondloch is on the finance committee for St. Cloud Christian School and volunteers to teach a 13-week financial class. At the annual home show, he helps with a “build a bird house” seminar to teach kids how to use tools and encourage building.