Writing on the Walls

Color is having its moment in the world of dry erase boards, but not in the traditional dry erase board sense. Thanks to Sherwin-Williams Dry Erase 2K Waterborne Clear Gloss, paint a wall any color, and the wall becomes a dry erase canvas.

“Previously, you were limited to a white dry erase board, so what we wanted to do was develop something that was simple, easy to use and that you could use on top of any color paint,” says Steve Revnew, vice president of product innovation, Sherwin-Williams.

Available at Sherwin-Williams stores nationwide, sales of the two-component system are limited to professional contractors. The clear gloss finish works with most interior substrates and most sheens, though Revnew recommends applying it over eggshell for its smoothness.

The gloss finish is nonyellowing and does not shadow or “ghost” over time from the dry erase markers, like dry erase boards often do, which Revnew credits to extensive testing. Any brand of standard dry erase markers can be used on the gloss finish, and cleanup is the same as aregular dry erase board.

Revnew anticipates the gloss being used in schools, office conference rooms and any kind of commercial building, to name a few applications. “I think the add-on sales opportunities are kind of endless if [a remodeler] can incorporate it into a design of a mudroom, home office or children’s room,” he says. “Ultimately, this product allows you to have the decorative aspects of a room as well as the wall you wanted to use with the dry erase.” The product is not limited to walls, however, according to Revnew. A school system converted old blackboards to dry erase surfaces using the same process one would use for a wall.

This process starts with a smooth substrate, followed with primer and colored paint. After the paint has dried, the dry erase gloss can be prepared. The two-component system can be mixed in a three-to-one ratio, in any size batch. Roll the gloss on the surface, making sure to use plenty of product to cover the desired area. Revnew recommends a thorough coating to ensure no voids, which could cause a possible breakdown of the product’s dry erase characteristics. The gloss will be dry to the touch in four to six hours, but seven days is the recommended dry time for a solid cure before breaking out the dry erase markers.

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