Decorative Hardware Favors Clean Lines, Subtle Texture

Choosing the right decorative hardware is critical to pulling the look of the kitchen together. The right hardware not only completes and polishes off the look, it can also add to the value perception of the space by enhancing the sense of elegance.

Today's decorative hardware favors larger pieces with subtle designs that blend with the overall space. Clean-lined, sophisticated hardware and transitional looks are hot right now, with texture being used to create interest.

Below are a few of the hottest trends in decorative hardware right now.

--Hardware pieces are favoring simple designs and clean lines, blending rather than competing with the overall look of the space.

--Integrated cabinet handles that put the spotlight on the cabinetry are a growing trend.

--Crafted or artisan pieces are helping to provide the personalization and upscale elegance that today's consumers desire.

--While satin nickel, stainless steel and polished chrome remain popular finish choices, antique finishes, bronze and even some bright, contemporary color pieces are also winning over consumers.

--Oversized or larger decorative hardware pieces are trending upward, both for their clean lines and greater accessibility, which is better suited to Universal Design applications.

--To balance the simpler designs, subtle texture is often incorporated to add visual interest.