10 Things I'm Changing About Remodeling

It might seem unbelievable, but I’ve been given special powers that allow me to affect everything in the universe. So, naturally I have decided to focus most of my powers on improving the residential remodeling market. However, first I will create an infinitely renewable energy source, invent a cost-effective desalination process and make both available for free to every country on the planet. Then, I will make the following changes the remodeling process as follows.

1. The LRRP rule will be optional. There’s not much more to say about this.

2. A new law will require consumers to pay remodelers and designers for their pre-project work, including but not limited to designing, estimating and the time it takes to do both. This will help contractors be more profitable, and will solidify the value of the effort it takes to secure bids from subs, determine which products to spec and generally make remodeling projects a success.

3. Homeowners will no longer share the delusion that they need to get three bids before hiring a remodeler. As soon as potential clients find a remodeler they like and a design that makes them happy, they will stop searching for something better.

4. All decision makers will be present at every prospect and client meeting. And, every head nod, every “Mmm hmm,” every “Right,” every “OK” or other indication of agreement and/or compliance will be recorded and archived for review, should the need arise.

5. Product selections will be made before any hammer is swung, window removed or floor ripped up. Homeowners will know what their project will cost before it begins, and if changes are made once dust flies, they will pay.

6. Remodelers will communicate with clients in some way at the beginning or end of each day. No longer will remodelers receive phone calls from homeowners wondering when the floor will be installed, or when the windows will arrive. Imagine all the extra time remodelers will have to address more pressing issues, such as making sure windows arrive on time, and the floor is installed according to plan.

7. Remodelers will know their costs of doing business. They will properly value their time; they will successfully charge for it; and clients will happily pay for it. Remodelers will know their cost-per-lead. They will know their closing rates. Profitability will soar.

8. All jobsites will be cleaned — or at least straightened up — at the end of each work day. Complaints about messy remodelers will cease to exist.

9. Remodelers will notify clients and prospects if they will be late to, or have to cancel, a meeting. Clients will love it.

10. Pets will be fitted with electric-fence-type collars that effectively keep them away from everything they should stay away from. Same goes for children. (Just kidding … sort of.)

If you had my powers, what changes would you make? Send your thoughts via email to editor@qrmagazine.com.