Bath Hardware & Accessories Maximize Space & Comfort

While the bath remains a favored private retreat, bath designers are often challenged by limited space. As such, today's bath accessories are increasingly being designed to maximize space as well as comfort, with multi-functional products trending upward. 

Bath hardware continues to see transitional styling in high demand, with clean lines and simple forms that add elegance to the bath, without distracting from the overall aesthetic of the space.

Below are a few of the hottest trends in bath hardware and accessories right now.

--In line with the need for more efficient use of space, multi-functional bath accessories are increasingly popular, i.e. a toilet paper holder that incorporates a glass shelf, or a towel rack that doubles as a grab bar.

--Accessories and hardware continue to take their cue from faucets and shower components, matching the finish and detailing throughout to create a more polished look.

--Clean lines, understated lines and quality materials continue to popular, yet while contemporary design is on its way back, consumers still want balance to avoid a too-minimalist design.

--Polished finishes still lead the way, with some demand for stainless and brushed finishes as well.

--Towel bars, robe hooks and toilet paper holders are the big "must have" accessories right now, though grab bars are increasingly important due to the aging baby boomer population.

--Technology is also increasingly evident in bath accessories, from shower plates that attach with magnets rather than screws and toilet paper rollers that no longer require a spring-loaded roller to new and improved heated towel warmers.