Easing the Anguish of Remodeling: More Survey Results

The belief of many homeowners that remodeling can be a traumatic experience under the best of circumstances is well established, but a recent news feature that compared home remodeling to a colonoscopy surely gave remodelers even more reason to cringe. (New York Times, May 5, 2013, “How Colonoscopies Are Like Home Renovations,” Ezekiel J. Emanuel)

The author bluntly says: “It’s a law of nature: Everyone who undertakes major home renovations ends up loathing their contractor.” The writer, by the way, admits to having undertaken a home renovation but doesn’t reveal details of his apparent displeasure, although he did grumble about some loose moulding.

If it’s any comfort, Emanuel continues that the strain of remodeling has nothing to do with the contractor’s honesty, quality of work or the mess they make or don’t make. Rather, it’s about psychology, the way we assess pain and the way we remember it.

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