Outdoor Kitchen Products Don’t Skimp on Options

While many consumers choosing to remodel their kitchens are still hesitant to expand beyond their existing kitchen footprint, they still want plenty of usable space for cooking and entertaining. Outdoor kitchens can bridge the gap, providing a natural extension of the indoor kitchen, set against the backdrop of the great outdoors. And, just like with indoor kitchens, these products offer a vast array of options that enhance both the design aspects of the space and its functionality.
Indeed, the outdoor kitchen category continue to show growth, including multi-function grills, ventilation, weatherproof cabinetry, water stations and refrigeration, as well as more specialized products like pizza ovens, wine units, beer taps and more.
Below are some of the hottest trends in outdoor kitchen products right now.
--While outdoor grilling may seem like a simple way to cook, the hottest outdoor cooking appliances can also do everything from smoking, searing and offering rotisserie functions to flash carmelizing the outside of food.
--Powerful grills require powerful ventilation – but just because there’s a big job to be done doesn’t mean ventilation has to look heavy and bulky. In fact, there are now a growing number of unique ventilation options that add a stylish note to the outdoor kitchen, while keeping the smoke and fumes to a minimum.
-- With an increasing number of refrigerators being UL rated for outdoor use, the new models are expected to do more than just keep things cool. Independently controlled temperature zones, dual zone refrigerator and freezer drawers and options for built-in or freestanding models are among the many options available right now.
--Cabinetry for outdoor kitchens offers a wide array of interior storage options, while style choices range from commercial-grade stainless steel to weatherproof teak to UV-resistant color options – in short, something for everyone.
--Outdoor sinks carved from stone are all the rage, adding a stylish, ruggedly outdoorsy look that blends well with the outdoor kitchen aesthetic.