Remodelers' Community Service: Ed Fennell

Shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing’s President Ed Fennell announced a new directive committing to regular charitable contributions. For every signed contract made over a two-month period, $50 would go to a philanthropic organization. The goal of the Spring Drive is to make a positive impact in the local communities.

“The charity each year is chosen collectively and has a special place in ours or our customers’ hearts,” says Eric Tullio, who works closely with Fennell. “In prior years, Mid-Atlantic has donated to United Way, U.S.O. and more. This year, the company’s $50,000 pledge is going to Global Giving for Hurricane Sandy relief.”

Due to the nature of Mid-Atlantic’s business, sometimes there are fewer jobs sold during the Spring Drive. The incentive program Mid-Atlantic has set up, along with the drive to better its local communities, drives its force to make it work. “’Whatever it takes’ is the solution to any problems Mid-Atlantic faces. They do whatever it takes to make sure that the pledge is met,” Tullio says.