Clean Lines and Personalization Mark Trends in Bath Sinks and Faucets

When it comes to bath sinks and faucets, clean and simple remain the hottest style buzz words right now. But while streamlined looks and contemporary styling are all the rage, that doesn’t mean personalization has fallen by the wayside, with consumers continuing to gravitate to products that offer a touch of personalized flair.

Below are some of the hottest trends in bath sinks and faucets right now.

--The basics never go out of style, and that’s especially true in bath sink and faucet trends, where clean, contemporary and functional design remains ever in demand.

--All shades of white seem to be popular right now in sinks, but there’s a small but growing interest in neutrals like browns, greys, blacks and even some soft gold, manufacturers report.

--All-in-one sinks and countertops are gaining interest for their easy cleanability, as are a variety of undermount models. Square and rectangular shapes are also surging in popularity.

--The personalization trend in the bath has helped to keep the vessel trend strong, as these come in a broad array of fashionable style options that can be used to create personal flair in the bath.

--In faucets, the “less is more” philosophy tends to dominate, with contemporary and transitional faucet designs in high demand.

--A wide array of finish options continue to capture consumers’ imagination, with a resurgence in the popularity of warm finishes such as brass and brushed bronze along with the ever popular chrome and brushed nickel. Tying into the personalization trend, some specialty finishes like tumbled bronze and satin black are also garnering interest, while a greater number of faucet height options allow for greater personalization of the bathroom.