It's time to focus on good design

Many homeowners have gained enough confidence in their personal financial situations to feel comfortable hiring remodelers to complete the kinds of projects they can brag about to their family and friends. I’m talking about design-driven projects such as kitchen and bathroom remodels, room additions and whole-home renovations.

Design-driven projects are good measures of a remodeler’s success. What I mean is, if remodelers can’t design well, they won’t remain in business. Good design means good business, and it remains as important to the success of a remodeling project — and a remodeling business — as it ever has.

Good design is important to magazines, too, which is why we’ve just finished a design-driven remodeling project of our own. Qualified Remodeler has a new look and editorial structure, both of which reflect the important role design plays in the remodeling market. Our graphic redesign and editorial renovation are based on what Qualified Remodeler has dubbed the Three P’s of remodeling: Projects, Products and Profits.

Every remodeling business is balanced on these Three P’s, and if one falls short the whole enterprise can collapse. Each depends on the other; projects are only as good as the products within them, and profits are realized only if the projects deliver the look and functionality homeowners desire. Each P is important, but we believe design matters most, because if projects look bad, remodelers will have nowhere to install products, and no business to manage.

The Three P’s drive our coverage of the remodeling market. Therefore, the editorial in our newly designed magazine will always fall into one of the Three P categories.

Projects. We vow to deliver more project profiles than we ever have. We will feature award-winning projects as well as other well-designed projects from remodelers throughout the country. Photos will be larger, and articles will be more concise. Projects will dominate each issue, comprising the largest chunk of editorial pages.

Products. A design becomes reality only because of the products chosen to bring it to life. This is why we also are dedicating more space than before to the products remodelers need to deliver the look and functionality clients demand.

Profits. If a business isn’t profitable, it won’t survive, which is why we’re still providing remodelers with trusted, actionable business solutions in the form of columnists and features that will foster successful business management and, ultimately, profits.

To kick off our design-centric approach, we’ve committed 18 pages in this issue to award-winning design. The winners of the 35th Master Design Awards begin on page 14. Be inspired, adapt an idea and, most of all, enjoy looking through the best remodeling projects of the year.

To further prove our commitment to design, we encourage you to submit your remodeling projects directly to the editors, anytime. You might have seen the Publicize Your Project ad in the previous few issues of Qualified Remodeler, or in a recent email from us. Take action and send us your projects; there’s no cost. If you haven’t seen this promotion, go to page 53 and follow the simple instructions. Send project information and photos directly to

Enjoy our new design, and thanks for trusting Qualified Remodeler, the original remodeling market publication, longer than any other brand.