Remodelers’ Community Service: Louis Krokover

A positive education approach is Louis Krokover’s plan when it comes to community service. Krokover, Newday Development, Inc. in Sherman Oaks, Calif., has taken an active role in his community for the past 10 years.

“I am the past president of Encino Neighborhood Council (ENC) and still sit on their Planning and Land Use Committee. I have been assisting the City of Los Angeles as a non-paid consultant with regard to planning and code upgrades. I further attend and assist both the Tarzana and Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Councils,” Krokover says.

While the awards – from the City Council, Mayor’s office as well as awards from the remodeling industry – hang on Krokover’s walls, he feels his community involvement allows him to assist in the betterment of all. Krokover’s knowledge and experience in the construction industry have provided positive contributions to the community and city he calls home.

This community involvement does not come without challenges, but Krokover believes the solutions are often direct. “ I have to deal, not only with community activists that see one way, with looking at what is best of my community and city for the next 10 years,” he says. “In these situations, we have to be both neutral and politically correct as the bottom line is presented before the Planning Commission and City Council.”