Increasing marketing efforts one square foot at a time

Marketing to homeowners is an ever-changing effort, as is the entire sales process. Long gone are the days of a remodeler’s marketing consisting solely of advertising in the local paper. If you’re trying to branch out from remodeling kitchens and bathrooms and are looking to increase the number of room addition leads you’re generating, then you’ll need to deconstruct your current initiatives and pinpoint your target market within the communities you service.

To generate room addition and whole-home remodeling leads, start with your company branding. You’ll need to change your image to that of a construction firm, instead of a kitchen and bath specialist. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to make headlines on our marketing pieces because, let’s face it, they are the “pretty” spaces in the home where creativity can shine. However, your goal is to communicate to your audience you can produce beautiful work as well as handle the workload of large construction projects.

This doesn’t have to be a branding overhaul. I suggest beginning with online marketing. Carve out space above the fold on your website to make visitors aware you can successfully handle this type of work. If you don’t already have a list of the services you offer on your site, create one. Make sure to break out your different areas of expertise and give each the credibility it deserves. Again, have a designated page that explains your room addition and construction services as well as how you go about the planning process. Establishing visibility and credibility for these types of projects is critical.

Once your website is ready to tell your story, you need to ensure potential clients can find you. Your search engine optimization campaigns should incorporate keywords geared toward room additions and construction. If your efforts currently don’t include this, then start by optimizing your website with appropriate copy that includes phrases potential clients might search for such as, “room addition contractor.”

To increase the number of room addition leads you receive, initiatives you embark on should touch all aspects of your marketing. Add room addition and construction photos to your social media pages. If you’re a member of Houzz, create an idea board for your larger construction projects. Intrigue your Facebook fans with consistent posts about options for room additions, and get creative. Draft a blog post with construction alternatives: If a room addition is out of someone’s budget, suggest a bifolding door system to help them create an indoor/outdoor living environment, giving them the illusion of added space. Producing such content shows potential clients your expertise and your willingness to work with them to devise a solution that will work for their specific needs.

Another marketing initiative tailored to your room addition services can be to create or revise specific marketing collateral spotlighting only your addition projects. Include pictures and copy that emphasize rooms additions and remodels. Using some of these materials, I also recommend crafting location-specific marketing campaigns.

Focus on communities with a higher average household income that may be able to afford a larger remodel and avoid areas you know have small lots without much room for expansion. You’ll want to focus these marketing initiatives on family-oriented communities and properties built on large lots. More often than not, clients come to us for a room addition to create a larger living space for a growing family. Think of which neighborhoods in your service area are best suited for room additions and whole-home remodels.

Before launching into any new marketing initiative, take time to completely plan the campaign. Marketing dollars can quickly be wasted if your promotions end up in front of the wrong audience. First, focus on the initiatives you can accomplish with little cost, such as your website copy and social media. Once you feel confident with your message, begin targeted mailings and ad word campaigns. It’s worth the time and financial investment required in the planning stages to avoid the wasted expense of sending room addition marketing collateral to the mailboxes of an inappropriate clients in a condo complex.


Andrew Shore, CAPS, NKBA, president of Sea Pointe Construction, Irvine, Calif., has more than 30 years of experience in residential remodeling, specializing in kitchens, bathrooms and room additions. Shore is involved with industry organizations, such as Remodelers Advantage Inc., the National Kitchen & Bath Association and National Association of Home Builders.