Remodeling software programs gain power, go mobile

Chief Architect

How does your software help residential remodelers? Chief Architect software helps the remodeler sell, estimate and design remodeling projects. In selling the project, Chief Architect allows remodelers to quickly develop 3-D images of design ideas during the initial client consultation. If a design can be roughed out quickly while the client is excited, they are much more likely to move forward. Chief Architect includes a built-in materials list for estimating, and the program has automated building tools for roofs, foundations and framing.

What’s the next advancement in the residential remodeling software market? More clients are using software themselves especially now that home design software is widely available for mobile and tablets. Chief Architect has a free mobile app called Room Planner for the DIY market. The Room Planner app is now expanding to the professional remodeler market offering a quick way to measure and create the as-built project instead of hand sketching. The as-built plan can then be imported into Chief Architect to complete the design details. Circle 13 or visit


QuickBooks Online

How does your software help residential remodelers? QuickBooks Online for iPad is a perfect tool for residential remodelers. It allows them to work more productively, wherever they are. It’s specifically designed for a growing population of small businesses that are almost always on-the-go. The app is easy-to-use and allows residential remodelers to get started quickly, provide better service on the job and organize their finances in one place.

What’s the next advancement in the residential remodeling software market? We see mobile as the next technology advancement for many industries, including residential remodeling. Residential remodelers are looking for technologies that will help make managing their businesses as easy as possible while providing them access to the information they need, everywhere. Innovations in mobile technology will help to achieve these evolving technology needs for residential remodeling. Circle 14 or visit



How does your software help residential remodelers? A customer recently emailed to say, “Co-construct’s project management software will do everything for you except clean up the jobsite when you’re done.” And although that’s a stretch, it can feel that way because Co-construct specifically attacks the most pressing, frustrating issues for remodelers such as managing client communication and project selection schedules. There’s huge leverage in improving those areas, so even small gains equate to very real savings in time and stress.

Product description: Co-construct’s Web- and mobile-based software for remodelers simplifies selections, scheduling, client communication, budgeting, change orders, file sharing, lead tracking, jobsite reporting and more. Its patented client communication function features an industry-only ability to provide remodelers with their own branded mobile apps and is said to regularly help them “wow” prospects and sell more projects. Circle 15 or visit


KCD Software

How does your software help residential remodelers? KCD Software is designed so a remodeler can rent the powerful design, price and build software only when they need it. It is said to be the only software remodelers can rent for just one month at a time, making it an affordable solution for shops that don’t need design, price or build software all the time, but want a powerful and easy-to-use software that meets their needs when they need it. KCD Software also creates estimates for the customer along with taking the entire job to traditional production or CNC nested-based output.

What’s the next advancement in the residential remodeling software market? KCD Touch for Tablet has a powerful touch-screen design and has price software for cabinets and closets with full production integration. KCD Touch is a front-end sales tool for remodelers designed to leverage technology, reduce meeting time and drive sales. Unleash the power of KCD Software’s full-blown, custom award-winning design and price software, on-site. Advanced touch-screen and cloud technologies allow for easy meeting, site photos, notes, measuring, designing, pricing and closing on the road. Circle 16 or visit



How does your technology help residential remodelers? EagleView’s patented technology is said to deliver the most accurate exterior measurements to remodelers. Contractors simply enter an address on EagleView’s website and receive a measurement report that includes 3-D diagrams, total square footage of roof and walls, window and door measurements, elevation diagrams and high-resolution aerial photos of the property. These reports provide a professional presentation for the homeowner and can be used to accurately estimate, bid and order a bill of materials for any exterior job.

What’s the next advancement in the residential remodeling software market? Contractors have told us they want information that allows them to be the first to deliver an estimate to a customer. We will be introducing technology that will deliver a quick roof snapshot with total squares within a 60-minute time frame on average, thus providing enough information for a contractor to put together a bid quickly and confidently. Circle 18 or visit



How does your software help residential remodelers? Residential remodelers use SoftPlan because it allows them to create professional-looking 3-D renderings of plans. Visualization is becoming an increasingly important design and sales component within the remodeling industry. With the ability to represent every detail of a job in such a striking, visual way, SoftPlan allows remodelers to achieve a level of communication with their clients that inspires trust and streamlines the design process.

What’s the next advancement in the residential remodeling software market? In the future, we will see residential remodeling software prominently utilize rendering technology that already exists. With SoftPlan, a client can navigate a 3-D rendering of a planned kitchen remodel on their iPad, sharing their excitement as they take their friends on a virtual tour. Fully realized 3-D presentations will become more widely adopted as the technology advances and visualization becomes an industry standard. Circle 17 or visit


20-20 Design

How does your software help residential remodelers? Remodelers need the right software tools to plan and visualize their clients’ ideal space within their existing space to turn it into something great. 20-20 Design allows remodelers to create or import a 2-D layout of the new floor plan, imported from software tools such as CADsoft and Google Sketchup. Using an easy-to-use software interface and thousands of catalog items from well-known manufacturers and retailers, remodelers can help the customer visualize their new space in a 3-D design.

What’s the next advancement for residential remodeling software? Today’s home renovation and remodeling projects are using many new types of materials including plastics, glass, ceramics and stainless steel. Homeowners’ spaces are being customized in ways never seen before. Design software needs to keep pace with these trends to allow designers to represent these elements accurately in their 3-D views. This means ensuring availability of relevant manufacturer catalogs and better shape customization features in the software. QR Circle 19 or visit direc