Remodelers’ Community Service: Greg Rehm

A goal of Liberty Hill Construction LLC , in Bedford, N.H., is to take an active role in its community. The company’s owner, Greg Rehm, has taken on individual roles within the community, such as being a committee member for Building on Hope and Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Snowfest. The company also donates time and materials to Community School Yard, helping open the Farmer’s Market and sponsors sports teams.

Ellen Moreau, who nominated Rehm, says that “Liberty Hill Construction views community service as a way to, not just support the community, also act as a team building experience for the team.” She says that, from her perspective as an employee of the company, the company culture and morale of the team are improved, because of its role in the community.

While the Rehm and the company sometimes struggles deciding among the “endless opportunities” of community service, adhering to a budget when evaluating these opportunities can be the most critical and yet challenging decision. Rehm overcomes obstacles, like doing work at no cost, by creating an emphasis on community service as part of the overall marketing plan and building it into their marketing budget.

Sometimes the challenge can be as simple as making the time to help, which Rehm personally did last year when he worked with Building on Hope to renovate a 27-year old former church. Rehm was the project manager as the space was renovated to house Girls, Inc. In Liberty Hill Construction’s quest to be defined as a community service oriented company, it has received awards for the Building on Hope and Fairy House project as well as sponsorship plaques from sports teams.