Kitchen storage solutions


How does your cabinetry help residential remodelers? As we developed Wolf Designer Cabinets, we focused on three key tenets: to be fashionable, flexible and reliable. With more than 2,600 door/finish/species, we give the residential remodeler the ability to offer the homeowner the look they desire. Our product line is expansive and grants the remodeler the flexibility to match their cabinetry with the conditions in the field. We also recognize remodelers are always dealing with the unknown. We have been in business for 170 years and offer fast lead times in semi-custom cabinetry, a limited lifetime warranty and a customer care team solely dedicated to this product.

What’s the next advancement in the market? We are seeing a much bigger focus on cabinetry as furniture. For example, a hutch, desk, entertainment space may have been purchased at a furniture store in the past, but now is being made out of cabinetry by the remodeler to give the customer the style, size and storage features important to them. Circle 34 or visit


How does your cabinetry help residential remodelers? Designers are looking for cabinets that are solutions. They want to choose cabinets that have been designed to store and organize specific goods, and they want cabinets that utilize every inch of storage space. Every cabinet has the same amount of space to work with in terms of height and depth — it’s choosing the cabinets that have been created to capitalize on the available real estate inside each cabinet. That’s what designers are looking for.

What’s the next advancement in the market? The next advancement is accessories that give the homeowner customization options. What makes a kitchen truly unique are the homeowner’s individual storage requirements. Because of our ever-changing storage needs, adjustability in the planned organization products is very important. Efficiency and convenience are important for those who are always on the go and rush through making meals, as well as for those who find solace in cooking. Any time a kitchen is efficient and convenient, the homeowner will be happier in the environment that evokes this kind of harmony. Circle 35 or visit



How does your product help residential remodelers? Several options in drawer systems can fit almost any kitchen design. Popular colors include metallic, stainless steel and champagne. Drawer systems like our Nova Pro and DWD XP offer divider systems and railing systems to customize the interior of the drawer while matching the drawer sides. Wood drawer boxes still dominate, and the hardware is now concealed to enhance the beauty of the wood box.

What’s the next big advancement in the market? The biggest advancement is the soft-close action in hinges. What was once typical for drawer hardware has now branched out to cabinet doors. New advances in soft-close hardware offer more adjustments for the installer and consumer. Our TEC soft-close hinge offers a three-tier adjustment so you can regulate the closing action of your door. It offers the installer/consumer the choice of how they prefer their soft-close action to function. In drawers, you are seeing three- and four-way adjustments from side, height, depth and tilt. Circle 36 or visit



How does your cabinetry help residential remodelers? Our products make cabinetry better. Whether you want to make your backsplash an organized and attractive area of your kitchen or you want to turn your wasted space in a corner cabinet into a modern, ergonomic and useful space, we have you covered. We also have pantry systems of all shapes and sizes, as well as organizers for nearly any cabinet type.

What’s the next big advancement in the market? The next big shift is one of style. We have seen the European influence coming on strong in this country throughout the past few years. One extreme is the more minimalist designs in new homes and remodels. New homes have more metal and glass than they used to. In kitchens, there is more of a modern design aesthetic with straight lines, glossy surfaces and industrial touches. For the less daring or flexible, transitional design is becoming very popular, where newer Euro touches are mixed in varying degrees with modern design. Effective storage and organization is equally important, according to many recent market studies. Circle 37 or visit



How does your cabinetry help residential remodelers? Whether it is our pullout blind corner solution, cabinet organizer, waste container or line of LED lighting, our products provide storage, organization and lighting solutions for residential remodelers. Our cabinet accessories maximize storage space and are fully accessible. Our energy-efficient lighting not only adds ambiance to a room, but enhances visibility.

What’s the next advancement in the market? Soft-close. At one time soft-close was considered a luxury in the market, but today it is expected. As more people are looking to remodel their homes, they are requesting soft-close products be specified in their design. Additionally, energy efficiency will remain a key trend in 2014 remodeling. We will see the use of LED lighting to save on energy consumption and bulb replacement. Circle 38 or visit