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How do your casement windows help residential remodelers?

When it comes to casement windows, residential remodelers have many distinct benefits to offer homeowners. Next to fixed units, casements are the most energy-efficient style of operable window on the market, so superior thermal performance and a draft-resistant seal are key selling advantages for remodelers. Another distinct selling proposition inherent in a casement window style is the ease of operation. As more homes today are being designed and remodeled to accommodate aging in place, remodelers can easily point to a casement window as a preferred solution. Circle 36 or visit



How do your casement windows help residential remodelers?

ProVia offers its proprietary ComforTech Warm Edge Glazing System for casement windows. This improves thermal efficiency and reduces heat loss in the window. It utilizes Super Spacer, which is a flexible organic foam warm edge spacer between two or three panes of glass. With its multilayer vapor barrier and acrylic adhesive, Super Spacer provides optimal thermal performance. ProVia also tailors casement windows for remodelers’ needs by offering a 3¼-in. frame depth. This allows remodelers to leave some of the existing wood frames in place, so they can undersize the new units to allow for quicker installation.

What’s the next advancement in the market? As energy code requirements continue to become more demanding, we see a trend developing, especially in the East Coast market. In this market, double-hung windows have been preferred through the years; however, today we see increasing numbers of orders for casement windows. We attribute this to the higher thermal value that a casement window delivers. As energy codes get stricter, people are looking for more efficient windows. We envision that more homeowners will be choosing casement windows because the savings from energy performance allows for a good return on their investment.

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How do your casement windows help residential remodelers? Marvin’s “Built around you” promise means top performance for the remodeler as well as for the homeowner. We can craft a casement in virtually any size, style or configuration. This means more design options and more room for creative solutions. We meet the highest standards of energy efficiency. Marvin’s Ultimate Casement and Ultimate Replacement Casement offer innovation and ease of use. All our products are backed with a dedicated team of support specialists — real people to answer any questions the remodeler has.

What’s the next advancement in the market? The next advancement is here now: Marvin’s Ultimate Casement, certified by the Passive House Institute U.S. We recently introduced this window for passive construction and other projects demanding the highest standards of energy efficiency. Superior energy efficiency is now an expectation for all construction materials, and particularly for windows. We’re proud to manufacture a PHIUS-certified window. We expect further advances in window technology aimed at increasing energy efficiency, allowing even larger expanses of glass while contributing to Passive and LEED-certified construction, as well as greater efficiency in typical homes. Circle 38 or visit



How do your casement windows help residential remodelers? Our vinyl, fiberglass or wood with aluminum-clad wood casements offer unlimited shapes, sizes, grille patterns and exterior trim colors to suit any home style. Pella vinyl or fiberglass casements deliver long-lasting value and popular options like grille patterns and hardware finishes. Our wood with aluminum-clad casements are popular for their stylish designs and custom selections. The Pella 450 Series offers exceptional value, performance and design options. Pella Designer Series, our most energy-efficient wood windows, offers the innovative snap-in between-the-glass blinds, shades and grilles that are sealed between three panes of glass for protection from dust and damage. The cordless design is safer for children and pets. Pella Architect Series satisfies discriminating tastes that appreciate exquisite millwork detailing. Available in eight wood types, they offer custom-crafted views, energy efficiency and long-lasting beauty.

What’s the next advancement in the market? The marketplace will continue to emphasize energy-efficient solutions for casement windows, as well as all windows and doors. Expect designs to continually evolve and focus on glass technologies that will help manage the effects of the outside environment to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. We forecast that vintage products will also be big in 2014. Pella’s Architect Series specialty product line offers many vintage window styles, like push-out or French casement windows. In terms of window function, expect foldaway handles to become standard hardware on windows as consumer tastes continue to trend toward simplicity and sleek designs. Foldaway handles hug the windowsill, so they don’t get in the way of window treatments. Circle 39 or visit



How do your casement windows help residential remodelers? The Andersen casement window set the standard for performance and durability when its predecessor, the Andersen Master Casement, became the first fully assembled window ever available back in 1933. Today, Andersen casement products remain a solution for residential remodeling. Available in custom sizes to 1/8 in. and prepped for installation in a variety of wall types, our casement windows are designed for quick, easy installation. The Andersen 400 Series Replacement Casement comes pre-drilled with through-the-jamb installation holes allowing for installation from inside or outside the home. Special replacement extension jambs preserve original alignment of trim and paint lines. It’s also available without the nailing flange, which is useful in brick, siding or other applications, and includes all the materials necessary such as screws, shims and backer rod, etc., to get the job done.

What’s the next advancement in the market? In recent years we’ve focused on enhancing our products to be easy to specify and easy to install. The market is telling us we’ve accomplished that, and we’re extremely proud of our efforts there and will continue to work on that. Andersen casement products are also among the most energy efficient available; however, improving energy efficiency and performance will always be an area where we believe improvement is possible. Circle 40 or visit



How do your casement windows help residential remodelers? Casement windows are a great choice for remodel projects. This window is a top choice for architects because they provide clean lines and a consistent look from the exterior of the home. The ability to crank the window open to the desired angle also helps homeowners capture the fresh air that will make their home feel crisp and clean. Another great placement for a casement window is over the kitchen sink. With the operator placed at the bottom of the window, it will be easy to reach and operate, which can be difficult when stretching across a countertop.

What’s the next advancement in the market? Homes are getting smaller, and homeowners desire a space that feels larger, brings in more light, and creates an environment that promotes healthy living. Large bifold and pocketing door systems are no longer only available for the homes of our dreams. With more competitive pricing in this expanding market, builders can use this solution to create additional usable space by combining indoor and outdoor living concepts. Circle 41 or visit