Smart oven

As culture becomes increasingly more tech-savvy, technology is working its way into houses to streamline many common tasks, including cooking. The Discovery IQ Wall Oven by Dacor features the integrated Discovery IQ Controller, which allows any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet to control the oven from any room in the house.

The technology gives home chefs access to preloaded cooking applications and guides, as well as provides the ability to download any application through the Google Play Store. Cooks simply select a desired recipe from the display menu (or download one online), insert the dish and the oven will automatically set itself to the required temperature and settings. When cooking is complete, the oven automatically switches to a warming mode and sends a text message that the meal is ready.

The Wi-Fi connectivity automatically downloads system updates and runs self-diagnostics. It also continually provides updates for new recipes and video cooking demonstrations. Integrated control features include a quick start guide, where the user can manually adjust the temperature and cook time; guided cooking, which has a selection guide designed to walk the user through preset cooking functions; and a “my modes” function, which allows the user to program and store personal cooking presets, including recipes.

The controller is powered by a Samsung 1GHz processor and 512 MB DDR2 RAM and is equipped with stereo sound and a PowerVR SGX 540 graphics processing unit. Controls and multimedia experiences are delivered through a 7-in. LCD glass touch screen panel.

The oven has a 4.8-cubic-ft. capacity that can accommodate large poultry and multi-rack cooking. The four-part convection system reduces cooking time compared to a traditional oven, distributes heat well and eliminates flavor transfer. GreenClean steam technology cleans light buildup in 30 minutes without using high heat or harsh chemicals, and GlideRacks are equipped with an easy-pull handle for moving heavy dishes. Available as a single- or double-wall oven, it is offered with two door handle options: the professional Epicure stainless steel handle or the integrated stainless steel handle for a flush contemporary look. QR