Is it a bathroom, or a dressing room?

For their California ranch home with Pacific Ocean views and a style reminiscent of the Hamptons, the homeowners wanted a master bathroom that would embody the home’s original character while attaining a new level of classic luxury. The master bathroom was part of a whole home remodel for a couple with divergent tastes, and they wanted the new bathroom to look more like a combination of a bathroom and dressing room. The result is a bathroom that harmonizes a spirit of old world sophistication with an appreciation for the natural beauty of its Pacific Coast location. The built-in free-standing tub makes a statement as an art piece and architectural element. The design establishes areas for comfortable sharing, such as the ones defined by glamorous mirrors framed with a darker shade of mirror above the vanity.

Project location: La Jolla, Calif.
Contractor: Jackson Design & Remodeling
Location: San Diego