What's App?

Once a high-tech novelty, apps have become a way of life for many design professionals who go nowhere without their smart phone or tablet. Whether tracking financial expenditures, making project notes on site, organizing info or staying in touch with clients, apps can lighten the work load and streamline and simplify everything from drawing and designing to ordering, pricing, tracking shipments and more. Apps can also generate more business – something all design professionals can benefit from.

KBDN’s “What’s App?” is a new department that will be spotlighting apps of relevance to the kitchen and bath industry throughout the year. This month’s app, called DesignMine, was created to match up designers and contractors with local homeowners who share similar design sensibilities.


App Matches Up Homeowners with Designers

What it is: DesignMine is a new iOS app that provides a “match making” service between design professionals and contractors and homeowners. Designers can use the app to upload their portfolios and showcase their craft. These can then be viewed by homeowners seeking designers to help them realize their dream spaces. Homeowners use the app to create and share personalized design boards, and are then matched with local, pre-screened designers and/or contractors who share their design aesthetics.

What it does: It can be challenging for homeowners to communicate their vision to design professionals, as they often are not skilled at reading floor plans or looking at product samples and envisioning how products might work together in an overall design. Additionally, the partnership between a design professional and a client works best when both share similar design sensibilities. DesignMine allows designers to showcase their talents and tastes in a public forum where consumers can view their work and seek out their perfect design match. It also allows homeowners to “pin” examples of projects and design features that appeal to them, which helps design professionals to better understand their vision and bring that vision to life.

Who it’s for: Designers and contractors interested in finding new clients who share their design sensibilities, as well as homeowners looking for local designers who would be a good fit for their project.

Why you need it: As a designer or contractor, it can generate new potential clients by matching you with those looking to remodel their kitchen or bath.

Available since: February 4, 2014

Who makes it: HomeAdvisor, Denver, CO

Platform: Supported by iOS for the iPad

Where to find it: iTunes store

For more info: Visit the HomeAdvisor Web site at www.homeadvisor.com/designmine