Air Apparent

Breathing clean air remains an important concern for homeowners, and they often investigate many of the things that have to do with air quality, such as VOCs in paints and finishes, and products that provide optimum indoor air quality. When it comes to designing kitchens and baths for the discerning homeowner, implementing the right ventilation system for the job is paramount.

In the kitchen, powerful yet quiet range hoods that can neutralize odors and grease from cooking are vital to the design. And, these range hoods need to not only be optimally functional, they need to be beautiful as well, often acting as the focal point for the design.

Ventilation in the bath is just as critically important, because the unit needs to not only vent odors but moisture as well, preventing mold and mildew. Homeowners here often look for energy-saving fans with sensors that go on automatically to clean and dry the air. Lighting that provides additional illumination or nighttime guidance is a bonus here.

Whatever the need, today's ventilation manufacturers are staying one step ahead of demand, incorporating innovative features while meeting legislative requirements. The results are hoods and fans that do the job and beyond.

On this and the following two pages, Kitchen & Bath Design News takes a closer look at some of the latest ventilation options for the home.