Out of sight

It’s so simple, but so effective. Essentially, it’s a power strip that straddles the intersection where backsplashes meet cabinets. The official name for this product in Legrand’s Adorne Collection is the under-cabinet lighting system, but it’s much more than a lighting system, and solves many more problems.

The modular design gives homeowners the ability to position puck or bar lights, traditional or USB power outlets, a phone cradle, a tablet cradle or a Bluetooth audio system with mobile device charger anywhere they need them. All this flexibility is wrapped in a beautiful design that provides practical functionality while eliminating countertop clutter.

Cameron Cole, director of sales for the Adorne Collection by Legrand says this is one of the company’s most heavily researched products it manufactures. “We commissioned a study of people who recently remodeled their homes in five cities. We talked to them about the remodeling process, but also about their need for power. Many of them said a week after their remodel they were buying power strips and complaining about not having enough power, or power not being in the right spot.

“One fun thing we did was gave them sticky notes, and told them to place those notes where they wanted power. Within a week there were notes all over their kitchens, based on different needs and activities that took place. The light went off in our heads,” Cole recalls.

The majority of installations are by professionals due to the electrical work and wiring required. Rather than roughing in power outlets along backsplashes and cutting holes in expensive tile, the power is moved up, out of the way and out of sight. “It’s a labor saver because you don’t have to rough in the outlets in the backsplash.”

The product is available in a titanium color, and typically is sold through lighting showrooms and kitchen and bathroom dealers. For more information, visit legrand.us or circle 66 on the reader inquiry card